Activate Your Chakras

Activate Your ChakrasActivate Your ChakrasActivate Your Chakras
Ready for a powerful new approach to your chakra practice?
Ready to enable more body-mind integration, wholeness and balance to your energies?
Discover how to harness your life force.
Learn how to remove the blocks to your full potential.
Go to the next level of self-expression, power, intuition and more.

Join us for this
FREE ONLINE 5-DAY Virtual Retreat and Transformational Summit: A Journey Through The Chakras
July 21st - 25th, 2021

Emotional healing becomes possible the moment that you decide to take action.
Come with us on a restorative journey of self-discovery through the 7 major chakras.
Now is the time to prioritise you and level up your presence, connection, and clarity.
Learn how to be in your flow through all areas of life as each guest speaker takes you and your chakras from closed to connected.

This FREE ONLINE 5-DAY Virtual Retreat & Transformational Summit: A Journey Through The Chakras BEGINS JULY 21ST

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Meet your Guest Speakers

Anodea Judith

Global Teacher, Best-selling Author & Evolutionary Activist

Carolyn Servant of YHWH

Maria Leggett

Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher/Coach, Trauma Circle Leader and Warrior Survivor

Brooke Smokelin

Director Chakra Activation Yoga, Chakra Coach, Eco-Artist & Sound Healer

Sarah Barker

Aura-Soma Academy Registered Teacher & Author

Vicki Engeham

International Colour Teacher & Author

Rozalia Brien

Intuitive Oracle & Wellness Mentor

Cilla Maden

Essential Oils & Chakras


Yoga Teacher, Mentor, Spiritual Guide, Intuitive, Artist & Singer

Marissa Rubino

Chakra Expert, Reiki Master, Graphic Designer, Life + Business Coach

Join me + other International Speakers for this FREE ONLINE 5-DAY Summit

To learn from leaders in the holistic health, wellness, parenting, spirituality and business communities. We are all here to help YOU create a life you enjoy!


Meet Your Host

Hello, I'm Josephine Drinkwater, Founder and Executive Director of Empowering Women Solutions. I'm a Creatrix® Transformologist® and Women's Circle Facilitator who is passionate about empowering and changing women’s lives (like YOU), to rediscover and connect to your inner strength. A strength you always had but at some stage the connection to that strength was lost. Lost and buried deep down in you as life and life events took over. I’m here to help you to uncover that strength. Be the person you always wanted to be, without all the limiting beliefs and negative emotions that are holding you back.

Break the Cycle, Reclaim Your Power & Allowing the True YOU to Shine!
Meet Your Host

Register NOW for this FREE ONLINE 5-DAY Virtual Retreat & Transformational Summit: A Journey Through The Chakras BEGINS 21st JULY, 2021

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