Who is Creatrix® for?

Who is Creatrix® for?
  • Women ready to start taking charge of their life
  • Women ready to silence the negative self-talk and mind chatter
  • Women who feel like they are on autopilot, where everyday feels like 'ground-hog day'
  • Women who want to break through self-limiting beliefs to take their life and/or business to the next level
  • Women who are sick of emotional turmoil and ready for a calm and fulfilling life
  • Women who want to feel comfortable in your own skin and confident in social settings

If you’re ready to release you emotional burden instantly without having to endlessly discuss your problems and traumas, then you need Creatrix®.

We work one on one to identify exactly what your blocks are and release them one at a time, leaving you confident, courageous and ready to relaunch your life, guilt free and with clarity.