Join a Virtual Sacred Women's Circle

Join a Virtual Sacred Women's Circle

Finding the time to take care of ourselves is something women are not taught in our society. I hope that if you are feeling called to join a circle, you make the commitment to listen to whatever it is your heart and soul are asking for, in whatever way feels good for you.

No matter where you live, you can get to experience a REAL Women's Circle via ZOOM. Let’s plan to all connect from the comfort of our own homes.

These intimate online gatherings are the perfect way to align yourself with the power of circle, release what no longer serves and plant intentions to manifest their hearts’ true desires.

Become the woman you know you were meant to be and unlock the power only you carry within!

What Circle Is...

  • A safe, sacred place to go deep within and share authentically with other women
  • A place to love and support other women
  • A place to be loved and supported by other women
  • A place to celebrate our femininity
  • A place to discuss being a feminine leader
  • A safe place to unearth and reclaim our true selves
  • A place to be utterly, unabashedly, yourself
  • An intimate group of only 10-12 women where women can feel safe, heard, loved and create deep lasting connections

What Circle is Not...

  • It is not a place to gossip
  • It is not a place to bash the masculine
  • It is not a place to blame others for your problems
  • It is not a place to just complain and moan about everything
  • It is not a place to judge others or ourselves
  • It is not a place to be mean or hurtful
  • It is not group therapy

Are you ready to join a virtual women's circle with me?

Monthly Circle
The Awakening
8 Week Program
The Experience
12 Week Program