Cilla Maden

Cilla Maden
Essential Oils & Chakras

From leaving home at 18 travelling all over the world, to building and operating a Cafe at 20, I found myself studying and becoming an Interior Designer. Amongst all this became snowboard instructor in Colorado USA, returning to Australia working with Design Media, generating and realising my own events business which focused on Design and Sustainability. My Life was already rich and full.

Then I married, had kids, moved to Cairns FNQ, over a number of years my life is continually changing for the better. I now work with my true soul’s path. 

I work collaboratively with likeminded people, utilising Colour and Essential Oils to create opportunity to share, learn, expand and grow.  

As a qualified Aura-Soma Practitioner (completed levels 1, 2 and 3 training) and Essentials Instructor, I now assist people through their journey in awakening. In addition, I'm a qualified Chakra Balance 1 and 2 therapist and I hold a Level 1 training in Cranial Sacral work with Aura-Soma. 

Now as a Gold Leader Wellness Advocate with DoTERRA, I regularly hold training classes on how to use and work holistically with Essential Oils.

Through all of this personal growth I have developed a 1day training course centred around Chakra Balancing. I have taught this course around Australia to many women. The essence of this course is Infinity Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils and I provide Chakra Balances to people every week using this technique.

I continue to learn and share about how colour and vibration, can transform lives and how working with the energies of crystals and plant essential oils may provide profound life changes for the betterment of yourself and the world you create.