Maria Leggett

Maria Leggett
Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher/Coach, Trauma Circle Leader and Warrior Survivor

Shelley Leggett is the Founder & CEO of “Maria Leggett Unveiled” which provides a safe space for women to connect with their heart light and discover their path in life through her online community. Shelley utilised her experience as a Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher/Coach, Trauma Circle Leader and Warrior Survivor to create this community. It took Shelley many years to unveil her true self and integrate her childhood trauma allowing those experiences to become part of her, rather than separate.

Shelley writes programs through channelling her Spirit Guides to lift up others into their true purpose. Her program “The Path to Grace” guides women through their Mother Wound in a safe environment to integrate their trauma. This amazing program will be launching publicly in the Fall of 2021. “Breath, Balance and Beyond” is her spiritual program which will cover mediumship, basic shamanism, a 12-chakra system and so much more launching in the Spring of 2022. She also has a stand alone classes for Mediumship 101 & 102 which are pre-requisites to “Breath, Balance & Beyond.” 

Shelley’s favourite quote is “Be the change you want to see in the world” by Gandhi. She has made it her mission to create a Universe where anyone who identifies as a woman has the freedom to be themselves and unfold like a beautiful budding flower, knowing how unique and needed they are in the world. Within this Universe, women stand in the light and darkness together as do the flowers, growing as individuals yet connected to others recognising there is no reason to compare or compete with the flower next to them. We are all equal regardless of whether our petals are perfect because they are perfect for us.