Marissa Rubino

Marissa Rubino
Chakra Expert, Reiki Master, Graphic Designer, Life + Business Coach

Marissa Renee is a chakra expert, psychic medium, reiki master, intuitive brand & website designer, a life and business coach for soulful visionaries and endless spiritual seeker. Marissa loves helping empathic modern souls clear energetic obstacles, awaken their light, unleash their passions, and trust their desires, intuition, and purpose to elevate their life and business.

A New York native, living with her toes in the sand in Florida and super mom to super twins, she is wild about all things hippy chic, and the glitter paint that keeps her life dazzling, fun-loving, (a little crazy), and uniquely herself. Marissa has overcome her own obstacles with negative energy, toxic relationships, and unrealistic or inauthentic cultural expectations. As she's learned to stay true to herself (as a result of the consequences of NOT being true to herself), Marissa discovered a world of healing energy work that's brought her to you, and you to her!  

Empowered and alive at the core, she chooses to use her lessons learned and create healing, love, light, and strength for my mind, body, spirit, business and life.  

She is endlessly grateful for the opportunity to help you do the same.