Rozalia Brien

Rozalia Brien
Intuitive Oracle & Wellness Mentor

Rozália Brien is a natural Intuitive. Rozália is passionate about her cultural heritage (Hungarian) and has been gifted a desire for the Oracle and a love of storytelling.

Rozália has recently completed and published TYSH (The Yellow Straw Hat) a children’s book based on growing up in a small Hungarian village.

She has created her own style for Oracle, Numerology & Colour Readings/Consultations, through her intuitive and natural abilities. She is an empathic Clairsentient which means she can feel people’s emotions.

Rozália is a qualified Wellness and Colour Practitioner. She is the founder of the “Authentic Priestess”.  Through this medium, Rozália facilitates a monthly women’s circle, also Rozália has the Authentic Priestess Circle FB group where all women are invited and treated equally. This group was set up to assist and guide women to embrace their personal strength and feminine wisdom.