Vicki Engeham

Vicki Engeham
International Colour Teacher & Author

Vicki Engeham has been working in the field of healing body work for the past 35 years, which has taken her around the world teaching courses and is the author of the Chakra's Colour Book.

Vicki believe using the aspects of colour, sound, essential oils and massage can help restore harmony and balance to the body's energy system. Colour, sound, bodywork and breath-work is a unique and profound individual experience.

Stress plays a significant role in many illnesses. Constant stress and daily pressures are typical of modern life. A healing energy session can help with depression, anger, worry and anxiety. It often can help heal old fears, bringing a feeling of confidence, optimism, joy, balance and wellness. With awareness one can take responsibility for one's own healing process and maintenance of health.

Interview with Vicki Engeham