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For those who have not seen or heard from me in a while, I wanted to let you all know what I have been up to since leaving Mareeba ED towards the end of 2017. Since then I have become a Licensed Creatrix® Transformologist® with Institute of Women International. 

So what is Creatrix®?

Creatrix® is a unique process specifically designed for Women and the way our unconscious minds work. It’s a breakthrough experience that unblocks and heals women at the core. Releasing them from their deepest inner barriers, limiting beliefs and negative emotions that subconsciously and consciously control their lives. This is done by replacing the old ways of thinking with new learnings from your own inner wisdom. This process is simple, painless, deep healing, long-lasting and gives immediate effects! It has been designed by a woman for women and results are guaranteed. 

Creatrix® works because of six key elements:-

  1. It’s Gender Specific (women only) 
  2. It incorporates head, heart and gut 
  3. It takes into account Inherited Unresolved Trauma (Epigenetics) 
  4. It’s safe - not necessary to retell your story and relive your trauma 
  5. The Law of Reciprocity - if you take something out, you need to replace it with what you want 
  6. It draws on One’s own wisdom (it’s coming from the INSIDE out, not someone giving you advice)

My goal is to help women let go of their limiting beliefs, emotional blocks and patterns of behaviour so they can have happy, healthy relationships. Basically it’s getting rid of the bad stuff so we can put the good stuff back in! 

As part of doing the Creatrix® course I also had to have Creatrix® so I could let go of my own issues because helping yourself first gives you the inner strength and resilience in order to be able to help others. So, I really didn’t want to put all of this out there for a number of reasons but I know that sharing my experience is going to allow me to better help other women so here goes!...

My main issue was abusive and toxic relationships, I tried to bury it but I kept getting triggered so I knew I needed to get help but seeing therapists over the years meant reliving the trauma because I had to talk about it and it didn’t work. I become more angry, resentful and mistrusting. As a Clinical Nurse, I know that people do feel comforted being able to get things off their chest and knowing that someone cares enough to take the time to truly listen. However, although talking does give clarity it doesn’t make the issue go away and some things are too painful to talk about. There is also the risk that the client could get re-traumatised, if they are asked to go into too much detail. When I got triggered in my last relationship I got scared and left because I didn’t want to relive that trauma. It also brought up my fear of being alone. Because I had these fears I started being needy so being alone became a self-fulfilling prophecy, which just added to my fears! Now after undergoing my own personal breakthrough with Creatrix® I can say what my main issue was, and not get upset and anger about it, and this will help me to help other women who have been through the same thing as I will be able to give them hope by being who I am now. 

I think the best thing about Creatrix® is it creates a safe space for both the client and the facilitator. I didn’t have to talk about what happened, I didn’t have to relive the trauma in order to put it behind me and I found the process enjoyable rather than painful. Everything I needed to feel better came from within me and I even made myself laugh with some of the stuff that came to me! Now that I’ve let go of my fears, I know that I’ll be able to just go with the flow and have fun in relationships from now on. I’m looking forward to just enjoying life because that’s what life is all about and we only get to live this life once so make the most of it! 

This breakthrough has been really big and I think Creatrix® is the vehicle to help those women put those experiences behind them and to also have the strength to keep spreading awareness and empowering other women. If Creatrix® can help me let go of the experience of abusive and toxic relationships, imagine how effective it is at helping women to let go of other issues. 

During the Creatrix® course, I literally watched already successful and amazing women transform into the best version of themselves. A huge thank you to Marylin "Maz" Schirmer who is the creator of Creatrix®, her goal is to set 10 million hearts free so it is a honour to be a part of her legacy.

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Jo Drinkwater

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