What People Say

 I’ve had quite a few different experiences with Empowering Women’s Solutions: Tarot Reading, Counselling, Reiki and Meditation. My favourite thing is Mediation because it’s all about the Chakras and colour therapy. It’s such a welcoming and peaceful environment and I really look forward to it every Wednesday. Jo has so much knowledge and passion about crystals, colours, angels and the general well being and she is so enthusiastic about this. I can’t emphasise enough of just how kind, compassionate and thoughtful Jo is."

Lizzie P - Mareeba, QLD, Australia

 As a stubborn, absolute honest, not blind trusting person. I have to give Empowering Women Solutions 5 from 5 stars. ⭐️ a huge range of professional treatments for all sections of life ⭐️ absolute amazing, caring people who lift you up and help you rise ⭐️ weekly guided group meditation ⭐️ understanding without criticism for who you are ⭐️ never pressure you, everything is your own choice. In only a few sessions it changed my life. My perspective of few towards relationship (partner, parents and friends), my workplace and my own inner health. Thank you so much!"

Anna B - Mareeba, QLD, Australia

 Jo has a very special gift of being able to help others via the different modalities she offers, therefore there is something suitable for everyone. For anyone out there who hasn't yet had their bars run, I would definitely recommend you give it a go. Jo is also an awesome Access Bars trainer & facilitator."

Glenda P - Mareeba, QLD, Australia

 Thank you Jo for these amazing opportunity. I learned so much. These morning I feel great, full of energy and hungry for life. I am keen to explore what else is possible and out there 🙂 Thank you Thank you Thank you"

Anna B - Mareeba, QLD, Australia

 So far, after only a few sessions of access bars, Jo has helped me in many ways with my mental, emotional and physical self. I have also had an aroma touch massage with Jo and it was also a fabulous experience that I would definitely do again! I would highly recommend Jo to everyone as she is just amazing at what she does!!"

Pamela M - Mareeba, QLD, Australia

 My husband Rob had this done on Wednesday. He found it to be very relaxing for body and mind. Said it was a great experience and will definitely go back for another one. His body feels real good and he feels great within himself. He highly recommends people try it."

Panui P - Mareeba, QLD, Australia

 I found my treatments, massage through oils etc to be a wonderful release from stress, improving my health after about of illness. The release from stress, improving temperament and sleep, to revitalise my inner strength. Highly recommended."

Mary V - Mareeba, QLD, Australia

 Thank you so much Jo!! You helped me get past guilt, so that I can enjoy living my life now and not put restriction on myself or let others do the same. Life is going to be so much more carefree now!! My other issue you helped me through was "terrified of having children and when I have my beautiful babies one day, I'll send their Aunty Jo lots of pictures. I couldn't even imagine my beautiful babies before and last night I dreamt about family life and it was just wonderful. Thank you so much!"

Demi - Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

 Thank you Jo for facilitating me letting go of "I can't sell" through the Creatrix® process. You skillfully and lovingly, led me through the Creatrix® process - I have totally let go of this belief that has limited my business growth! Thank you so very much Jo!"

Helen A - Adelaide, SA, Australia

 Jo has a no nonsense attitude but you know it's coming from a caring place. I immediately knew I could trust her to get me through. During our sessions she got me back on track and told me to keep my chin up when I started crying. She helped me to breakthrough some major issues - "I hate him", "I feel hurt", and "I am controlling". She made sure I was feeling better after our session. I now feel so relieved and I am looking forward to a happier future. Thank you Jo!"

Jodi M - Sydney, NSW, Australia

 I must say thank you, Jo for the part you played in ridding myself of an emotion I have kept under the surface for so long. Your guidance was so professional and caring. I felt safe and secure at all times."

Jennifer T - Noosaville, QLD

 Thank you Jo for providing an opportunity to do a weekly meditation. I really enjoy the sessions & connecting with other like minded people, not to mention the benefits I've experienced in mind, body & soul."

Glenda P - Mareeba, QLD, Australia

 Circle has allowed me to be happy with myself, being true to myself, valuing my life more, and making many lasting friendships. Jo is the best friend I have ever had. She always has the right things to say at the right time. I trust Jo completely. She is very supportive. Jo has helped me to become a happy, loving and caring person. I can now see a happy future. Thanks to Jo."

Roslyn S - Mareeba, QLD, Australia

 Circle has shown me that everyone has hardships in their lives and its great to share this with others and not be judged. I love how Jo gives examples by using her own experiences in life. Jo is very knowledgeable and positive."

Sonia R - Mareeba, QLD, Australia

 Circle has allowed me to believe in myself, giving me the confidence and making friends. Jo is so soulful. Jo makes us feel welcome and is very helpful in every way. Jo has everything from communication to meditation, laughter always, having our back checking to see how things are going."

Lisa D - Dimbulah, QLD, Australia

 Being apart of the circle has been an amazing experience. I've got so much fulfilment and value. I have learnt so much about my inner true self of self-love, self-acceptance self-forgiveness and the goddess that shines from within. What I love about Jo's leadership - she is open and honest, straight to the point. She is a really great listener. Jo always makes sure to tell us where the safety existence. Her work is amazing and I can really connect to it."

Shenice P - Dimbulah, QLD, Australia